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I’m Ashley Danielson, owner of Ashley D Marketing. I have been in the marketing industry for over ten years, the majority of those years spent with an agency in Des Moines as an account and project manager. While in those roles I was able to develop lasting client relationships, working with the client and agency team to strategically create and enhance their marketing efforts.

I enjoy building relationships, both with my clients and with their customers. If we are not friends before working together, we will be soon after we start! While working with clients, I am a part of your team and a member of your organization. Your customers are my customers, your pains are my pains, and your wins are my wins!

I would love to help you in your marketing efforts, whether it’s a small one-time project or a monthly role that I take on with your organization, I am here to help you! Shoot me an email today so we can learn more about each other, determine your goals and put together a plan to make things happen.


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